Monday, March 12, 2012

who am i?

Anda tahu mcm mane rasenye bile tidak dipedulikan oleh seseorang yg sangat penting dalam hidup anda?

If u do, then,

Welcome to the club!

Feels like i am not exist. In front of his eyes. Perghh!

Kadang kala rase mcm i am not part of him.

What the fish man.

Deep inside aku masih lg hormat beliau. But, the truth is i cant stand it anymore.

Kalau setiap kali nak jadi mcm ni. Better anda tak payah bawak mak n adik saye larh.

You go alone. You got nobody to gives you troubles. Ok?

You can do whatever you like. Dont need to care about other's feeling ok? Dony need to gives a damn 'bout others. You only need to care about yourself!

No need to be married. And dont have children if you dont want to loves them. And most important. dONT DO IT! ok?

Klau tak nak jage anak, tak payah kawin. Paham?

Buat ape klaw kawin pon. Anak beratur. Tp xnk jage? Membazir je la.

Jage diri sendiri je. Senang. Xpayah peduli pasal org laen. Kan? Senang hidup mcm tu je. All you need to know is yourself!

Arghhh. Tension la.

Kadang kala rase org luar tu lg ambil tahu pasal kite dari pada orang yg dlm rumah tu sndri.


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hee. time kaseh sudi membace. ;)

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