Monday, December 13, 2010

sedeyh.. huk3 sob2

huuu menci la cmnie..aku na jmpe dye larh.. tolong arh faham..
sdeh.. sedeh yg teramat.. yunk.. pliz 4give me..
didnt mean it.. so sory.. my fault keyh..
tp xtaw bile na jmpe ag.. pas nie.. ta taw bile ag na jmpe..
aq kat selangor cinie..
dye kat kedah nun sane..
herm.. susa da na jmpe
all i need to do is sit down here n mybe juz need to cry..
but cry wont give anything to me..
but wat else i can do..
 crying alone.. huhuhuuuuu

hee. time kaseh sudi membace. ;)

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